Welcome to AASHYEZ!

An online store for the women of today, deals in international cosmetic brands and skincare brands. We bring the most worth buying and demanding products around the globe. AASHYEZ was established in 2017 with the mission to provide a welcoming beauty shopping experience with no doubts over quality. A girl with a financial background studied all the numbers in her twenties thought of doing trade in the passion she holds from her teens, learning about makeup and techniques was all she wanted since she was 16. It led to a small-scale startup of passion. With growing clientele and having fun with the work which started with a Facebook page to a Website of its own is "Huge".

What do we think?


We're a brand that believes in empowerment. That's why, we carefully get you the products around the globe that meets every want and need there could be when it comes to your makeup and skincare regime.

We believe in every interpretation of beauty. Bold to quiet, quirky to wild, no makeup to glam goddess! We aim to celebrate every aspect of you, no matter your style.

We believe that one should be confident enough and own their skin tone. We compliment each skin tone and suggest everyone to not use skin lightening or whitening products.

We cannot impress the world. Keeping this in mind, we cater to almost all range of face makeup from fair to tan complexions. 

What do we do?

We are an online store  which deals in cosmetic and skincare/body care products.

Since, its inception, we have served more than 3000+ customers till now and few are our "favorites" and fulfilled more than 5000+ orders all over  Pakistan including remote areas. 

We offer pre-order service ­every three months. We share the pre-order cut off dates on our social media platforms.

We provide shade consultation service upon request and 85% results are guaranteed if you provide the data correctly. We share tips and tricks for your beauty regime.


 So, go ahead and pick your faves !